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  • Wet Preservation

    Capture your loved one’s heart or suspend them in their true form with our wet preservation service. Wet preservation is a process of memorialising your pet in a non toxic formula, floating in time to be admired forever.



    • Can all types of animals be wet preserved?
    • Wet preservation of whole animals is ideal for young and small pets. We are only limited by the size of the glass globes and vessels that we preserve the pets in. For larger animals, we offer the option of wet preservation of your pet’s heart. This provides a unique keepsake to remember your loved one. We can do heart preservation for any sized pet.
    • Is the solution toxic?
    • We take great care with our preservation techniques to ensure that the final preservation solution is as safe as possible. That being said please do not touch or drink the solution.
    • If I only want my pet's heart to be wet preserved, what happens to the rest of my pet?
    • Once the wet preservation is complete, what happens to the rest of your pet is entirely up to you. We are happy and able to assist in organising the cremation or safe disposal of any remains. Alternatively, our services can be combined. For further information about cremation services, skull preservation, paw preservation, paw casting and memorial glass keepsakes, please see our FAQs on each of our pet aftercare services.
    • What should I do when my pet passes away?
    • To prepare your pet for any kind of preservation, we recommend moving him or her to a freezer as soon as possible. Before doing so, create an airtight seal around your pet either by placing them in an airtight tupperware container or zip lock bag, or by wrapping them in at least two sealed layers of plastic (plastic bags will work nicely). This will protect them from freezer burn.

      Please note: Whilst we will do everything we can to ensure your pet is preserved beautifully, we cannot accept responsibility for pets that have been exposed to bacteria or allowed to thaw out before they reach us. We can only work within the limitations of your pet’s condition at the time we receive him or her.
    • How long can my pet stay in the freezer while I make arrangements?
    • Your pet can be stored safely for many years as long as you have used good quality freezer storage bags
    • How long will the process take?
    • Most preservation services can be completed within approximately 6 months. However, each animal - in death, as in life - is different and will require its own tender loving care to ensure that you have a beautiful preserved memento that will stand the test of time. Please contact us using the Memoriam Enquiry Form to allow us to determine an estimated time frame for your pet’s Wet Preservation.
    • How do I get my pet to you?
    • We are happy to work with you to coordinate the delivery of your pet to our studio in Hepburn Springs VIC. Alternatively, we can discuss shipping options with you based on your location. Services are available to anyone anywhere in Australia and transport options will be discussed at the time of your enquiry.

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