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    Got A Question?

    Please read through our FAQs thoroughly.

    If you can’t find the answer you seek, feel free to contact us
    and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    RIP adheres to current government mandates regarding COVID-safe practices. We encourage social distancing at our venues and provide masks/hand sanitiser for individuals to use as appropriate.

    We ask that students who are feeling unwell prior to upcoming classes notify us in advance to discuss options. Students who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, or have been in close contact with confirmed COVID cases, should not attend our workshops.

    The RIP team is keen and ready to answer your questions. Before contacting us though, we ask that you first read the class description thoroughly. We take a lot of care making sure the course description contains everything you need to know to help you choose the right workshop and we find that most of the answers you seek are already there waiting for you. 

    RIP Headquarters is based in Melbourne, from which we host the majority of our workshops, talks and demonstrations. 

    In 2020, we launched our Sydney branch, enabling us to bring classes to Sydney more regularly throughout the year.

    From time to time, we do visit other states. If your state is not currently listed in our workshop suite the best thing to do is join the mailing list for updates. 

    We only take a limited selection of our workshops interstate, however, so if you have your heart set on a class, it is well worth the trip to Melbourne or Sydney. 

    Can’t make the trip? Check out our books,  DIY kits and live ‘Dying to Know’ demo series!

    All of our scheduled classes and prices (including interstate classes) are listed on
    our website.

    If you are unable to find a date that suits your schedule please subscribe to our
    mailing list. We send out regular newsletters containing details on any new class dates and events.

    We certainly do! Just book in for the workshop you want to attend and the instalment billing option will appear in the checkout. 

    We do not charge any additional fees for instalment billing but the earlier you book the better as it means you will have more time for the instalments to be paid, prior to the class date.

    Great question! At RIP we believe it is important to be mindful of where animals
    come from. Our students understand that preservation is an art form that breathes
    new life into a deceased animal.

    For our current suite of classes we either use animals that have been bred for the
    purpose of python feeding, game that is sourced for food or pest species that have
    been culled in government programs aimed to protect our native wildlife.

    Our butterflies are sourced from butterfly farms in South America, Central Africa and
    Southeast Asia. They are allowed to pass away naturally before they are collected.
    Some are even released into the wild to maintain populations in areas where they
    are endemic.

    The specimens for sale in The Cabinet will have their own details on how they are sourced. 

    At RIP our classes are carefully curated to ensure that each and every student can
    walk away with a gorgeous completed specimen in the allocated timeframe.

    Given this we require all students to use the specimen provided by RIP.

    If you have a native Australian animal we recommend you take the time to read the below FAQ that covers off the legalities of this.

    We absolutely do and we are also extremely grateful for our donations as they give us the incredible opportunity to continue on our creative journey.

    If you have found a Native Australia animal you will need to read the next FAQ as to the legalities in each State.

    Any non-natives are greatly appreciated. Please contact us via email to discuss delivery, pick up or postage.

    If the specimen is found in the state of NSW, our team are licensed to accept donations of Native species. Please email us to discuss the delivery or postage of the specimen.

    Please note that if you are in Victoria and have found a native animal, it is protected and it is not legal to pick it up, keep it or have it worked on by a taxidermist. There are some taxidermists in Victoria that have the appropriate wildlife licence, but we are only able to work on native specimens that come with an existing permit.

    Sadly, finding a native animal that has passed naturally does not qualify and it will need to be returned to the earth to decompose as nature intended. These laws are in place to protect our native species, something we feel strongly about here at RIP and support wholeheartedly.

    If you located outside of NSW or Victoria, you will need to research the relevant state legislation as each state will have its own laws regarding native species.

    Currently the only commissioned work we undertake is for pets or non-native species. Please refer to The Memoriam page to see the list of services we offer for the preservation of your beloved.

    If you are seeking other types of preservation, please use our contact form as we may be able to assist with your

    Yes we do! Rest in Pieces offers a range of preservation options as unique as your bond with your pet.

    Visit The Memoriam page to view our services and get in touch to memorialise your pet.

    Unfortunately our workshop space doesn’t allow space for someone to watch
    another participant.

    Plus our classes are designed for hands on learning. You will understand and take in a lot more if you get involved.

    Don’t forget that we also have Take Home Kit options that are available to the participant so if you can’t attend the class for any reason perhaps you will be lucky
    enough to have your friend teach you at home.

    Yes! We now offer private tutoring for intermediate students at our Studio in Melbourne.

    Classes are tailor-made to your skill level and operate on weekdays over 3-4 sessions.

    Currently on offer is our Intermediate Rooster Tutoring. Find out more here.

    The Cabinet is an online store only and while our workshops are held in a permanent
    facility, this is only open to students on days they are enrolled for courses.

    We are not in a position to offer these services as many of us work full time jobs or
    study in addition to being part of the RIP family. 

    We strongly believe in the sharing of knowledge and skills development and have a
    thriving volunteer program available to existing students who have developed a base
    level of knowledge.

    Taxidermy has not been formally taught in Australia since the 1970’s. Most
    taxidermists in Australia are self-taught or have travelled to the USA or UK to learn
    their craft.

    RIP with its diverse range of programming across the dying arts continues to be the
    only company of its type around the globe.

    We understand that sometimes you just can't make a class. The best thing to do is to
    contact us as soon as you can to let us know. If you give us 2 weeks notice, we can
    offer to transfer you to the next scheduled class. This will incur a $10 admin fee.

    If you need to cancel, with two weeks notice or more we will refund the full price of the
    workshop, minus $50 booking fee, less than two weeks and we will refund 50% minus
    $50 booking fee.

    Unfortunately we wont be able to offer refunds for cancellations or transfers received
    last minute - the day before the workshop or on the day of the workshop.


    You can purchase an eGift Voucher in The Cabinet for a defined amount. You can even write your own special greeting!

    Wanting to gift an amount towards the cost of a class?

    Please contact us with your request after purchasing your voucher and we will issue your nominee with a special class voucher.

    Wanting to gift the full cost of a class?

    Head to 'The Workshop', select the workshop you would like to gift and click 'Gift This Class' when you are in the Workshop booking system.

    Vouchers are valid for 3 years.

    We have taught many intrigued minds from 14 years and upwards. If you are under
    18 we do like to have a chat to a guardian about the workshop prior to the booking
    being made, so give us a call.

    Are you kidding? There is no such thing.

    RIP aims to cater to all interested students; however, we are limited by our venues. Please contact us to discuss whether we can accommodate your specific access requirements.

    You sure can. We recommend that you take your specimen home in a secure carry-on bag. This way you can ensure its safe passage.

    If you intend on purchasing one of our take home kits, however, it will need to be placed in your checked luggage.

    Sure, we have a range of options and recommendations on the workshop booking

    If you intend on flying home, your take home kit will need to travel in checked luggage.

    Never! We will guide you through the process step by step and if you think you might
    get squeamish we will be sure to pay you extra attention.