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  • The Memoriam

    Remembering you pet

    At Rest in Pieces we are pet owners and animal lovers alike. The memoriam offers a variety of pet aftercare services that let you remember your loved one in your own unique way. 

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    The Mailbag...

    • “This workshop is a must for anyone even vaguely interested in this process or who wants to have an amazing looking heart cast model to take home at the end of the Workshop. It is well structured and paced for people of any level of previous knowledge in anatomy or this process. Gavin who runs the course is extremely knowledgeable and discusses/demonstrates the process in a way that anyone can understand the process.”

      “It also lets you meet and interact with many friendly like-minded individuals who you can openly discuss related topics with.”

      “I highly recommend this Workshop.”


    • “The Beginner Rat Taxidermy Class was one of the best and most memorable days of my life - half a century’s worth! Nat tackles the combination of science and art in an intelligent but approachable way, spiced up with her wicked sense of humour and devilish, fun personality. I think the word class should be substituted with educational party. Once the scalpel blades are safely restored to the sharps container, the bubbles are poured, and the students relax. The mood shifts into a celebration of achievement - though not without consternation at times (the process isn’t easy!). The students that RIP attracts are an eclectic group from a diverse range of backgrounds. So we learn lots from each other as well as Nat. I can’t stop talking about my fantastic experience, and have recommended RIP to friends, work colleagues - everyone! My new taxidermied friend, Ben, as I call him, may not be perfect, but he is the embodiment of wonderfully enriching experience. I’ll be back... Congratulations, Nat! xo”


    • “For any one that is interested in learning these types of preservation arts I would highly recommend booking into a class. It is an amazing experience learning from people who are passionate about what they
      do and enjoy passing on their knowledge and skills. I travelled down from New South Wales to attend this class and it was worth every cent. Perfect opportunity to meet like minded people from all over as well.
      This is the third class I have attended through Rest In Pieces and it definitely will not be my last. So if you are thinking of booking in for a class, my advice would be just do it. You will not be disappointed.”


    • “Here’s hoping that this is not the last time that we see Rest in Pieces blow us away here in Hobart. What a great day! Nat is an amazing teacher. Step by step clear instructions, along with hilarious banter which had us all captivated, and in stitches. I’m completely besotted with my gorgeous little rat figure and am proud of myself for the achievement of her. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, it’s definitely a process to be appreciated for its complexity. Everyone should stuff a rat at least once, I believe.”


    • “The first word that comes to mind is - AMAZING. I have attended a few Rest in Pieces classes and find them all very informative, easy for the layman to understand, friendly and just great fun. I would highly recommend these classes to one and all even if you have limited or no knowledge about taxidermy. Bravo for bringing this dying art back to life!”


    • “Such an amazing day. Educational yet funny, Challenging yet achievable. Learn versatile skills and gain fascinating knowledge - both will be able to be applied broadly in future endeavours. LOVED IT & would highly recommend!”