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  • Hanging Bat | Half & Half | Hipposideros diadema

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    You guys can't seem to decide between the Skeleton and the Taxidermy so why not have both? 


    Hipposideros diadema is one of the most widespread species of bat in the family Hipposideros.

    This bat is about as close as you will get to an Australian bat which are all protected. He is closely related to Hipposideros inornatus from the Northern parts of Australia

    The Hipposideros diadema are pretty indecisive and can't choose if they are insectivorous or if they are carnivorous.  The diet varies depending on specific location, but they tend to prefer insects such as coleopterans (beetles), lepidoterans (butterflies and moths), and those within the orthopteroid (grasshoppers) orders. However, they will prey on small birds and spiders rarely.

    These bats are extremely adept predators. By using echolocation, intensified through their highly modified nose and nostrils, they achieve very high rate of success.  A constant frequency call is emitted around 50 to 58 kHz, and maintained for 20 to 30 seconds at a time.  They are not continuous flight hunters, instead they prefer to take short flights from their perches and intercept the prey in midair.

    You can own this very special creature housed in its own dome!

    Dimensions are Height 27 cm x 14 cm wide  

    Category: bat, curiosity, dome, skeleton

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