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    Welcome. We are Rest In Pieces. An educational and inspirational institute specialising in the time honoured skill of preserving and presenting fascinating natural specimens.

    We are proud to share our knowledge of the dying arts through our many talks, demonstrations and workshops where you can experience something truly memorable.

    Whether it’s a skill you’ve always wanted to learn or you are a discerning collector of curios, discover what we can offer through our exclusive workshops or our eclectic shop.

    What began as a penchant to learn has flourished into a dedicated and knowledgeable team of creatives headed by taxidermist Natalie Delaney-John. Rest in Pieces is now offering a wide set of workshops and resources unavailable anywhere else in Australia.

    Our hard working team shares a common fascination with the dying arts and work together to maintain our wonderful and enlightening community of artists, teachers and students, all sharing in a collective experience through experimenting and learning together.

    The R.I.P team is passionate about protecting native wildlife and is proud to announce that $20 from the purchase of each Revival Kit will be donated to Mount Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre (Mt Rothwell).

    Mt Rothwell is a privately owned 420 ha property located in largely remnant habitat some 45 km west of Melbourne.

    It is the largest predator free ecosystem in Victoria. The property is exclusively managed for the conservation of some of Australia’s most threatened faunal species, including the Eastern Barred Bandicoot and Eastern Quoll.