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  • Wet Specimen | Piglet | Proboscis

    We are fascinated with life, death and the process of creation at Rest in Pieces. 

    We have spent months carefully preserving our wet specimens and have worked closely with a veterinary scientist to diagnose these gorgeous piglets. 

    This piglet has a form of neural tube defect, where the early brain fails to form or divide properly. It also has what is called a maxillary fusion defect (AKA cleft palate), but in the case of this piglet, its snout and mouth have fused together, giving it a pronounced proboscis, or a trunk! 

    This specimen is in a scientific jar and measures 26cm x 10cm.

    Please Note: This item is only available for pick up from our Melbourne HQ. For customers located elsewhere, we are happy to provide a postage quote.


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