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  • Wet Specimen | Piglet | Aprosencephaly

    We are fascinated with life, death and the process of creation at Rest in Pieces. 

    We have spent months carefully preserving our wet specimens and have worked closely with a veterinary scientist to diagnose these gorgeous piglets. 

    This piglet has an extremely rare congenital disorder known as aprosencephaly which is characterised by the absence of the embryonic forebrain. Because the forebrain is not present, this gives way to the cerebral cortex meaning that survival with aprosencephaly is not possible outside utero.

    This unique specimen is like nothing we have seen before at RIP! He's earned the nickname Demogorgon for any of you Stranger Things fans out there.

    This specimen is in a scientific jar and measures 35cm x 18cm.

    Please Note: This item is only available for pick up from our Melbourne HQ.


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