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  • Taxidermy | American Badger

    The American Badger is a short, sturdy member of the mustelid family. It is the only type of badger that lives in North America. Badgers have the long body, short legs, and scent glands characteristic of the weasels.

    The American Badger is gray, with dark legs and bold black and white stripes on its head and face. Badgers are built for digging. Badgers have long strong claws and a streamlined skull enabling them to create these dens and dig prey out of burrows. Badgers also have a second (transparent) eyelid which can be closed to protect the badger’s eye from dirt.


    This amazing specimen has been completed in full by the RIP team. 

    The specimen measures approx. 75cm x 35cm x 26cm.

    Please note: Pick up only from our Melbourne studioWe can provide postage quotes for people located in other areas of Australia. 

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