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  • Tailor Made Taxidermy - Rooster Tutoring

    Rest in Pieces invites you to advance your existing taxidermy skills by completing your very own Rooster standing on a vintage book. 

    The class schedule will be tailor made for existing Rest in Pieces students who have completed the Intermediate Rabbit or Partridge workshop.  This will ensure that we can help to grow your skills, build on your existing knowledge base and teach you new taxidermy techniques.  

    If you have existing taxidermy experience that you have learned outside of Rest in Pieces, please email us and send us photos of your work so that we can get an understanding of your skill base. 

    Throughout the personalised tutoring we will provide you with the specimen, all the tools necessary to complete your piece, you will have access to all our hardware, lunch and beverages. At the end of the program you will walk away with your own gorgeous Rooster mounted on a vintage book. 

    You will be in the RIP studio, so you will also see all the action that goes on in the week and get the opportunity to learn some of the other preservation types that take place. 

    This unique opportunity is available between Monday - Thursdays 9am - 5pm.

    Currently we are offering 2 program styles: 

    Complete Tutoring - $2000

    Day 1

    - Measurements

    - Anatomical Study 

    - Skinning 

    - Hand fleshing 

    - Fleshing using the fleshing wheel 

    Day 2 

    - Leg Preparation 

    - Leg Injection

    - Leg Pose 

    - Painting Artificial Head 

    - Modifying the form 

    - Neck Creation

    Day 3 

    - Skin Preparation 

    - Blow Dry 

    - Attaching Artificial Head 

    - Wiring Wings 

    - Mounting 

    - Corking the Limbs 

    - Tail Assembly 

    - Gluing The Head 

    Day 4 

    - Mounting on book

    - Posing 

    - Grooming 

    - Feathering 

    - Finishing work 

    Mounting Tutoring - $1500

    This is the program from Day 2 on-wards. You will be provided with a skin that is ready for mounting. 

    To book, simply choose your program then email us and tell us your preferred dates remembering the program runs for 3 or 4 days and we operate Monday - Thursday. 

    We will try to accomodate this and if for any reason we are unable to, we will work out a class schedule for you on dates that work. 

    If you really have your heart set on attending but would prefer a Friday - Monday private tutoring.  Please email me on and we can see what we can do to make it work. 

    Or from $300.00 today & 5 weekly interest free payments of $240.00 with what's this?