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  • Skull | Warthog | Phacochoerus aethiopicus

    The warthog is a large species of pig that are found in moist and arid environments, but avoid rain forests, deserts, and high mountains. Neither graceful nor beautiful, warthogs are however, remarkable animals. They are the only pigs able to live in areas without water for several months of the year.

    The warthog is named after the two sets of tusks that are found on the face of the warthog. Warthogs use their tusks both for fighting off unwanted predators and other competing male warthogs, and the warthogs also use these tusks for digging in the dirt for grubs and insects.

    They are remarkable for their strength, intelligence, and flexibility! Unlike many of their African counterparts, they are not endangered. This is because they are so skilled at adapting to new threats.

    There has been no illegal culling or poaching of these animals.

    This skull measures approx. 40cm long x 25cm wide.

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