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  • Resin | Life Cycle | Dragonfly

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    This Dragonfly life cycle is preserved in resin you can see so many features close up!

    If you look at a dragonfly's head, you might notice one thing in particular. Or rather, 30,000 things in particular.

    The area of an odonate's head is comprised primarily of its enormous compound eyes, which contain 30,000 facets, each bringing in information about the insect's surroundings. Dragonflies have near-360-degree vision, with just one blind spot directly behind them. This extraordinary vision is one reason why they're able to keep a watch on a single insect within a swarm and go after it while avoiding mid-air collisions with other insects in the swarm.

    They not only have an exceptional field of vision, but they can see the world in colours we can't even imagine. 

    Dimensions 164 x 78 x 20mm

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