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  • Rat Taxidermy Book & Kit

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    (Taxis ‘arrangement’ + Derma ‘skin’)

    In this 63 page book our primary focus is to teach you the basics of skinning, preserving and mounting a small mammal. This will allow you to try your hand at this amazing art form while providing you with a foundation to develop and grow your skills upon. Littered throughout this basic guide are a host of anatomy alerts, safety guides, morphology notes, taxidermy notes and practical tips to give you a well-rounded picture of this fascinating field.

    You can also chose to receive a PDF version instead of the physical book, you will receive this as check out. 

     In addition to this 63 page book you will also receive a DIY kit which contains:

    • Tool Holder 
    • Pointed Tweezers 
    • Scalpel Handle 
    • Scalpel Blade 
    • Borax
    • Flat Scissors 
    • Diagonal Cutters 
    • Dressmaker Pins 
    • Wire 
    • Gloves 
    • Curved Needle 
    • Cotton Buds 
    • Polyurethane Form 
    • 4mm Glass Eyes 
    • Cotton Wool 
    • White Thread 
    • Sand paper 
    • Waterproof Marker 
    • Clay 
    • Foam Block 
    • Spray Bottle 
    • Polyester Fill 
    • Resealable Plastic Bag 

    Or you can upgrade to include the display tools in the Display Kit which also contains: 

    • Glass Cloche 
    • Base 
    • Super Glue 
    • Diagonal Cutters 


    You will need to supply your own: 

    • Rat or Large Mouse (Available at pet stores sold frozen as snake food) 
    • Glass Jar 
    • Denatured Alcohol such as Methylated Spirits 
    • Dishwashing Liquid 
    • Tea Towel 
    • Blow Dryer 
    • Sewing Thread (If your rat is not white)
    • Tray 
    • Dremel or Drill (Only if you are mounting your specimen in a dome)
    • Drill Bit (Only if you are mounting your specimen in a dome)


    Additional specimens and supplies are available in The Cabinet under Taxidermy Supplies. 


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