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  • Horseshoe Crab | Juvenile

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    Horseshoe crabs are absolutely incredible. 

    They are sometimes called “living fossils” because they have been around in some form for more than 450 million years. In this time, the Earth has gone through multiple major ice ages, a Great Dying, the formation and subsequent breaking up of Pangaea, and an asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs and most of life on Earth yet again. In other words, horseshoe crabs have truly seen some shit.

    Horseshoe crabs have incredible blood that has a baby blue colour. If you ever had a vaccine shot, then you owe a debt of gratitude to these horseshoe crabs; they have bled for you – literally. The unique properties of their blue blood make them truly invaluable to human health.

    What do we use this incredible blood for? A sort of witchcraft, you might say, for it literally keeps people alive. Horseshoe-crab blood is exquisitely sensitive to toxins from bacteria. It is used to test for contamination during the manufacture of anything that might go inside the human body: every shot, every IV drip, and every implanted medical device. Truely amazing! 

    And if that wasn't enough, the Horseshoe crabs are known for their epic orgies. 


    The ancient ritual involves several males latching onto a female -- who is 40-percent larger than her male counterparts -- until she burrows into the sand and drops her eggs. That's when the males pounce and fertilise. The orgy starts in spring, peaks during full and new moons of late May, and ends around mid-July.

    These incredible specimens are juveniles. Their ambulatory and pusher legs are intact, along with their pedipalps and chelicerae. In males the pedipalps have graspers that assist in holding onto the female during mating.

    These juveniles measure approx. 21cm long and 11cm wide. These horseshoe crabs look fantastic as wall hangers and a picture hook can be mounted to your specimen on request.

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