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  • Hanging Bat | Dome | Kerivoula picta | Small

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    Look at that mouth its just incredible! 

    Kerivoula picta is bright orange or scarlet, with black wings and orange along the fingers.

    Small groups of these animals are often found in unusual roosting sites such as in the suspended nests of weaver finches and sunbirds, banana tree leaves, or under the eaves of huts. Painted bats have been known to roost in pairs. They apparently aestivate during the day, as they are relatively sluggish when disturbed. The bright and broken coloration of these bats may be a form of camouflage to protect them, as they have been reported to blend in with dried leaves and flowers when they roost

    You can own this very special creature housed in its own dome!

    These specimens come from Indonesia where the bats are a food source for humans. Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi province, Indonesia, is the centre of the high intensity bushmeat trade in Indonesia. The predominantly Christian population is not prohibited from eating wildlife like bats and boar, unlike other parts of Indonesia where a majority of people are Muslim and must observe halal dietary restrictions

    Dimensions are Height 4 inch x Diameter 3 inch.

    Category: bat, curiosity, dome

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