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  • Hanging Bat | Dome | Hipposideros diadema | Large

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    The diadem leaf-nosed bat or diadem roundleaf bat is one of the most widespread species of bat in the family Hipposideridae. This is amongst the largest of roundleaf bats in Southeast Asia, and is easily identified by the presence of well-defined white or pale orange patches of fur on the sides of its body and shoulders. The rest of the upper body fur is a rich, dark brown colour, and the face and underparts pale.

    When hunting, this bat typically hangs from a perch waiting to ambush large insects, such as moths, as they fly past. 

    You can own this very special creature housed in its own dome!

    These specimens come from Indonesia where the bats are a food source for humans. Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi province, Indonesia, is the centre of the high intensity bushmeat trade in Indonesia. The predominantly Christian population is not prohibited from eating wildlife like bats and boar, unlike other parts of Indonesia where a majority of people are Muslim and must observe halal dietary restrictions.

    Dimensions are 10 inch (height) x 5.5 inch (diameter).

    Category: bat, curiosity, dome

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