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  • Skeletal Bat | Shadow Box | Cynopterus sphinx

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    The greater short-nosed fruit bat, or short-nosed Indian fruit bat, is a species of megabat in the family Pteropodidae found in South and Southeast Asia. It is common in tropical forests and areas where fruit crops are cultivated. They can also be found in grasslands and mangrove forests. 

    An unusual fact about the Cynopterus sphinx is it's the first bat species to have been observed engaging in oral sex.

    New research headed by Min Tan of China’s Guangdong Entomological Institute discovered that female short nosed fruit bats would often lick the shaft of the male bats’ penis during penetration. Before this discovery published in PLoS ONE, only a few species—such as bonobos, orangutang and of course, humans—are known to engage in oral sex.

    The researchers are not sure why these bats engage in fellatio, however they posit several theories, including that the oral sex by prolonging penetration may in some way increase the likelihood of fertilisation. Or the oral sex could assist in preventing sexually transmitted diseases in the bats through antibodies in their saliva.

    You can own this very special creature housed in a shadow box! 

    Dimensions are 23 x 23 x 4.5cms deep, it is covered in perspex (we couldn't photograph with that cause of the glare) and it hangs on the wall.

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