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    The eland looks like a blend between a deer and an ox. The rugged herbivore, found in southern and eastern Africa, is truly huge. Females can weigh a hefty 600 kilograms, but bulls sometimes break the scales at a ton and stand around 1.8 meters at the shoulder. The common eland is the continent's second largest antelope and the honour of the biggest in Africa — and the world — goes to the giant eland.

    One would think the biggest bulls in the antelope world would produce the most spectacular horn fights the animal kingdom had ever seen. Instead, eland males click their knees to intimidate a rival. This may sounds like a weird strategy, but it's actually brilliant. The animals don't click on purpose. They have no control over it. This is nature's way to signal accurate information between males before they decide to battle for mating rights.

    The click is produced by a tendon slipping over the knee as the eland takes a step. The sound carries for hundreds of meters and tells rivals the health and size of the bull. There's no faking the signal. If a male is smaller, old or sick, other bulls will pick up on this and choose to oust the weaker animal if there are females to be won. A prime male's click will sound low and deep — and these are the bulls others try to avoid. This is nature's second strategy to pass on the best genes. Even prime bulls can die of scuffles. When other males avoid a strong bull, he lives longer and sire more offspring.

    This listing is for 1 horn only, please purchase 2 for a set.

    Dimensions range between 50cm - 60cm long

    All our Eland horns have been legally obtained through local game reserves and local conservation authorities.


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